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XchangePgh is taking the initiative to help Pittsburgh's innovation ecosystem GROW its full potential.

This year, we're thrilled to launch four innovative programs that use strategic design and networking with the community to help everyone in our region succeed big!

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Tame complexity, future proof your idea, take your concept and make it concrete. A Weekend DESIGN hackathon at Carnegie Mellon University.


A full week to highlight what’s happening, how to participate, and where we can all help our community grow in a regional event spanning 7 days.

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NOV 2023
A celebration by Pittsburgh innovators, entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs for each other.

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FEB 2024
A hands on experience to help B2B and B2C businesses, at any stage acquire customers, and grow.


Upcoming Events

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Now’s your chance to vote for the top people and organizations from across our regional innovation community in the
2023 Pgh Startup Community Awards!

2023 Final Voting Link

Let’s come together to recognize excellence and build a stronger, more inclusive and vibrant startup ecosystem.

Build With Us

Let's get busy disrupting.

Ready to revolutionize? We’re bringing together the game-changers of today for four powerhouse events that will boost your creativity and catalyze amazing ideas. Come connect with industry experts from near and far - it's time to unlock awe-inspiring possibilities!

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March 24 - 26th, 2023

XchangeIdeas is a hands on, strategic design hackathon, to introduce hundreds of ideas into the ecosystem hosted by Carnegie Mellon, open to all.

  • No prior design or research experience needed
  • New & old ideas welcome
  • Entrepreneurs & Intrapreneurs
  • Mentorship, Food, Tshirt, Design Kit & Instruction Included
  • Preview Design Kit:
Register Today
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April 2023

XchangeInnovation is a sync on where the ecosystem is, who is doing what, and where you can plug-in, create, or contribute. Help future-proof the region.

  • Digital & physical events across the city
  • All welcome, no prior startup experience needed
  • Open community events Monday - Sunday
  • Strategic programming Wed - Friday
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Nov 2023

XchangeAwards is a celebration of the outstanding entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs who are going above and beyond to make their visions a reality.

  • Community-led voting
  • IDEAs to IPOs present
  • High-Tech, Family, Main Street, Service & Entrepreneurship through Acquisition
  • Individuals, Teams & Companies attending
  • Honorable to Win, Fun to Attend
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Feb 2024

XchangeValue is a hands-on, applied series of workshops and teaching moments around customer acquisition. B2B, B2C, and B2B2C tracks will help any business, any size grow.

  • Cold outreach to Close Content
  • Easy & fast application to your current role(s)
  • Unique practice & pitch opportunities
  • Hire talent & evolve commercial skills
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Don't be shy, just say hello. Want to be a sponsor, event host or community partner? Reach out. Let us know. Have a great idea to make the event series better for our community? Don't hold back!