As one of the region’s leading non-profit organizations, Achieva advocates for, empowers, and supports people with disabilities and their families throughout their lives. Achieva envisions a community where all people with disabilities lead lives of personal significance.

In recent years, there have been several key innovations in disability employment that have helped create more opportunities for individuals with disabilities to enter and succeed in the workforce, including:

  •  the use of assistive technologies, such as screen readers and speech recognition software, and the rise of virtual platforms to increase accessibility.
  • increase in the number of companies implementing diversity and inclusion initiatives focused on disability employment, including programs focused on mentorship and skills training
  • the creation of more accessible workplaces by ensuring that buildings, websites, and technology are designed to accommodate individuals of all abilities. 

Achieva has been a leader in these efforts among others and have helped people with disabilities gain employment through several key initiatives. 

  • The organization's Employment Services division provides support to individuals with disabilities through job coaching, resume development, and interview training, among other services.
  • The organization's Customized Employment program focuses on identifying the strengths and interests of individuals with disabilities and matching them with job opportunities that fit their skills. Achieva's partnership with Giant Eagle, a regional grocery store chain, has been particularly successful, with over 250 individuals with disabilities placed in Giant Eagle stores across the region.
  • Additionally, Achieva has been a strong advocate for disability employment legislation, working to ensure that individuals with disabilities have access to equal employment opportunities. 
  • The organization has also created a Disability Employment Initiative, which aims to expand employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities in high-growth industries such as healthcare and technology

This Track presents a unique opportunity for XchangeIdeas participants to learn from the Achieva team's expertise and insights, and contribute by bringing in your diverse skills and knowledge to develop practical, feasible, and impactful solutions that can truly make a difference in the lives of many of our friends, neighbors, and colleagues.