The innovations in Food and Agriculture track at this year's XchangeIdeas is an opportunity for attendees to develop and collaborate on ideas to address the challenges facing an essential aspect of our daily lives and wellbeing where there is an urgent need to find new ways to produce and distribute food sustainably.

Attendees will have the opportunity to work with Simon Huntley, Foudner/CEO of Harvie Farms, Pittsburgh’s online marketplace that connects consumers with local farmers and fresh food. Huntley's technical expertise and experience in building Harvie Farms in Pennsylvania will be invaluable for attendees interested in developing solutions related to improving food distribution and accessibility. 

Under Huntley's leadership, Harvie Farms has worked to increase transparency in the food supply chain by connecting consumers directly with local farmers. The company's business model also supports local farmers by providing them with a stable source of income, which is critical for the sustainability of small-scale farming operations.

In addition to promoting sustainable agriculture practices, Harvie Farms has also made an impact by promoting equitable access to healthy food, and  supporting local farmers and reducing the distance between farm and table.

Ideas generated in the innovations in Food and Agriculture track can range from improving supply chain efficiency to developing new technologies for sustainable agriculture. Attendees can work on solutions that address food waste by improving distribution and storage methods. They can also explore ways to leverage technology to make farming more efficient, such as using precision agriculture techniques. The track also provides an opportunity to develop solutions that promote equitable access to healthy food, such as creating community gardens or supporting urban agriculture initiatives.