We get inspired nearly daily by the businesses that surround us that have made Pittsburgh their original or adopted home, and the living breathing example of this ambition is Kenyan Hicks. By day, he runs a successful recruiting practice (www.BroadwingTalent.com) and by night he shifts his efforts into being the Founder/Distiller of www.NoireExpedition.com. Kenyan and team have already sponsored 15 tickets to the design and build weekend for anyone focusing on small businesses (get tickets here) but that's just the start of the story.

Who is Kenyan after all?

Kenyan is a motivated technical recruiter who partners with extremely talented individuals to help build teams that are capable of shaking up industries. Technology interests him, people interest him more.

About Broadwing: 

Broadwing was founded on the idea that the recruiting experience could be and should be different. We believe that candidates, hiring managers and recruiters should all feel that their piece of the puzzle is important and is handled with care through the recruiting process.

In operation since 2017, over the course of our history, we have partnered with progressive organizations that we feel really move the needle. We partner with companies that share our desire to build something better, to build something that impacts people and whole communities. It is the American way to build through our work, and that's what Broadwing is all about.

About Noire Expedition in Kenyan's words: 

"Noire Expedition is an expression of how far my family has come to the present day, and a celebration of how much more we will do. I plan on using this bottle, this gin to shed light on my family's ancestors.

I have found in this process that my family's name has been in this country generally as far back as is traceable for Black Americans who are descendants of Slaves. We helped build this country, we fought its wars, we have always moved the needle.

My ultimate dream is that whoever tastes Noire Expedition, will take time to ask the elders in their family "who are we" or "what is our story". If there is not much to find, I hope that people will dedicate some energy to start telling your family's story now for those who come after you. Take time to celebrate with a drink, for the journey both behind you and ahead of you is a long one. "

Kenyan has sponsored tickets for 15 SMB entrepreneurs to design or redesign their vision into something that might start in the region but will go much bigger. Please take advantage of these tickets and join Kenyan and team from March 24-26.