Meet Daniela Osio, CEO of and Pittsburgh entrepreneur, who just raised institutional money to bring her machine learning platform to life that helps large companies buy products and services that not only improve financial results but lower their carbon footprint in the process. She's not just interested in her success but encouraging everyone else building important products or services in the climate space to be featured at both the design and build weekend as well as innovation week.

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So, who is Daniela Osio?!?

A bio picture of Daniela Osio, CEO -

‍Daniela is the CEO of Kloopify, the climate action platform for the commodities that global companies buy. She is a procurement and supply chain executive with years of experience working closely with CEOs, CPOs, Business Unit Leaders, and other senior leaders in the chemical industry to transform and digitize global supply chains. During the pandemic, procurement departments were identified as the drivers of sustainability within companies yet they lacked the data, technology, and skillset to achieve the company’s goals. From her experience in managing supplier sustainability data, Daniela saw procurement’s poignant need for innovation. Daniela and her cofounder began building Kloopify to empower procurement. Daniela's work with Kloopify established her as an innovator in the field, where she recently won 'The Innovation Award' from the Future Insights Network.

Formerly with DuPont, where she was the Global Risk Management Leader, she created, developed, and implemented a Risk Management organization for the $4 Billion Electronics and Imaging (E&I) Business Unit. She led the warehousing, barge, tank & transloading categories through the second largest merger in history, the DOW and DuPont merger, and in 2019 was named a 30 under 30 Supply Chain Star by the Institute of Supply Chain Management.

Daniela will be onsite during the design and build weekend to answer questions, provide insights, and offer lots of support, so if you are eager to throw or co-host an event during innovation week, she'll be a helpful hand in keeping us all organized.

Please get in touch, take advantage of the sponsored tickets, and we'll see you at many of this year's events as a builder, doer, founder, student, or any other role that helps you find your purpose and passion for improving innovation in the region.

Cover image: by Kelsey King