Earlier this year, we welcomed 350+ builders and doers to learn about the inaugural XchangePgh.com sereies at The Shop - Homewood. Everyone present was able to enjoy breakfast from locally owned and operated 7 Senses Catering, be greeted by Nate Da Phat's tunes, mixing and mingling with folks from sectors, industries, organizations, and neighborhoods across our region, and even enjoy locally made products like Knotzland.com. The attendees were palpably excited (despite the early hour on a Friday with freezing weather outside).

We were able (thanks to www.pipercreative.co and www.privemgt.com) to preview an overview of the this year's 4-event series:  XchangePgh 2023 intro video

We heard from the inspirational leaders representing our city's best who were willing to show up, no matter the time, location, weather, or politics and talk about meeting people where they are:  Speaker highlights video from the kickoff event thanks to Privé

for the quick flip on the speaker videos.

The diverse crowd was also able to experience a preview of new AR technologies  (Example of the augmented reality tour experience featuring Rafiyq Cromwell) that XchangePgh will feature at each event thanks to Joe Zeff and Privé.

A few media outlets have already captured quotes and thoughts throughout as we kicked of the journey: Pittsburgh Inno & Technically Pgh's article about the kickoff event

How you/your organization can get more involved:

Some important highlights to keep in mind as you explore these innovation events:

  • No prior design, research, or technology experience is required for any of the events or experiences
  • If you need any help getting to an event (e.g., a bus pass) or making the most of it (e.g., childcare) please let us know, we can't always guarantee we can help directly but we will most certainly try
  • Existing and aspiring entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs are invited to participate
  • All forms of innovation will be on display: high tech/high growth, family business, solopreneurs, consulting, franchises, acquiring a business, side hustles, etc
  • Have other ideas or feedback or thoughts? Get in touch with us

Have other ideas or feedback or thoughts? Get in touch with us