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tl;dr - Calling all impactful and innovative organizations to help plan and host events during this year’s Xchange Innovation Week (April 24 - May 1).
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Event submissions can go here. Pittsburgh is a city of innovators–from painters to programmers, from gardeners to gearheads, from healers to hackers, from restaurateurs to raconteurs.
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Xchange Innovation Week is a collective way to bring all of that hard work together–to help our innovation ecosystem grow to its full potential.
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That means we need your help in creating and leading meaningful experiences for the community!
What could you showcase, share or socialize?
It could be your work, it could be a new topic or your current talents...or you could even facilitate a session that helps bring the right people to the table to come up with new solutions.

We’re calling these all of these various styled gatherings simply events.
And we want YOU to host one.

To make sure you’re best prepared, here’s what you’ll need:
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What event do you want to hold? Think of a catchy title and a few sentences to describe what you are planning to do. Feel free to be creative or literal!

Where would you like to have your event? Have a cool space that you’d like to invite other innovators into? Is there a little known venue that you’ve had your eye on? Do you need help identifying a venue? Let us know.

When would be the most appropriate days/times for your event? Think about: Do you want to host a cocktail party or would you rather run a morning workshop? Would you be more suited to host an afternoon panel discussion or a lunch and learn about the topic of your choice?

Why is this important for people to hear about right now? What do you hope people will get out of your event? Networking? Sharing ideas? Learning something new? It is up to you!

Who is your event for? What types of people would find this event most relevant to their personal or professional interests or success. Remember, we will prioritize events that serve the community at-large and are as accessible as possible.

Here are a few other things to consider:

Partner up!

Feel free to host an event with a partner or two of your choosing or we can help make intros. 

How can we help

While we don’t offer direct funding for staffing, we are always open to learning where potential gaps are and helping directing more capacity your way.

Social handles

Include these to help us amplify your message.

We’ll take the event submissions (link here), review them and get back to the Hosts with any questions we have.

Get Inspired

Here are a few general examples of basic event templates upon which you can build:

Example Event Goal:
Attract Innovation

“Switch Pitch” - Corporate

What is this?  A company that has committed a certain amount of $ will ask startups and creators to hear out their problems and pitch potential solutions. If the company likes the solution they will at least explore how they can work together.

Outcome: Companies meet our region’s innovators and those innovators get access to several of our region’s $1Bil brands. 

Example Event Goal: Roundtable/Panels 

Interactive - one-to-many

What is this?  An opportunity to share a unique POV, have an inspiring speaker, or organize a group of experts with LIVED experience that are ready to share.  Teach something new, highlight an important moment in time, or co-create something brilliant together! 

Outcome: People from all walks of life come together to share, debate, and network while they grow.  

Example Event Goal:
Key Destination Visit

One on few 

What is this?  An adventure around the region. Visit a robotics artist studio, cultural institution, or one of the numerous places where amazing things are already happening.  You provide an insider look, sneak peak, or once in a blue moon moment to meet some of the best makers and doers around town that wouldn’t otherwise have their doors open.

Outcome: Showcase the uniquely Pittsburgh places where the magic is happening.  

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